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bad jokes?

Hey! We are Bad Jokes Studio, a game developer company made by three people from Italy.

Born in 2013, we have started making multiple games and prototypes and growing this passion from an hobby to a real, full time, back breaking job.

We aim to make awesome games with unique and original styles. If you say "I've never seen that before!" it's probably a Bad Jokes.

Our current game in development is called Cat Guns, for PC and Console. Do you want to know more about Cat Guns and the other prjects? Come on, scroll down!

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Also, we wear cool hats.

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Bad Jokes Studio

We make videogames. That's all.

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We develop our games for mobile, PC and consoles with Unity 3D.

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We develop videogames that we would love to play

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We aim to develop video games that make you say: "Woah!"

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Current Projects

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Cat Guns

Check out our development blog about Cat Guns!



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